The Ideal Client Avatar for the Solopreneur

The ideal client avatar exercise was originally developed for companies selling products or services. As an individual selling themselves, it can serve as a starting place to encourage thinking … but it breaks down quickly. Most people don’t like to see pictures of themselves or hear themselves because they don’t actually like themselves let alone love themselves.

I’m not a coach. Coaches try and bring out the best in you. I think it’s already there. I’m an artist, I see the beauty in you and help you display it to the people who will appreciate it.

Oh, The Humanity

Today’s announcement of Chef Anthony Bourdain’s suicide resonates like a ruthlessly plucked guitar string slapping against the wood. The sharp palpable “NO” and reverberating sense of confusion and loss of another icon leaves me with one single thought. Humanity. Bourdain, like Robin Williams, was a person chased by the demons of addiction. Like Robin, his public appearances showed a man who carried his struggles with him and allowed those struggles to humanize him. Oh, the humanity that allows us to see each other as we are and celebrate the very best we see in each other. Thank you, Anthony, and thank you, Robin. I celebrate you and wish you peace.

Marketers are rarely like that!

Thoughts on MarketersI recently attended a meet up with entrepreneurs and business owners who are looking to craft a culture within their companies. A recurring topic came up as people discussed the CEO’s role as a champion for setting the companies culture. Entrepreneurs are constantly in a state of self-doubt and often times depression. Between the struggles of wearing too many hats and the challenge of stretching themselves to be successful at activities they don’t enjoy, the passion of purpose gets lost. Stack on top of it the reminders by business coaches and consultants to remember WIIFM (What’s in it for me), and there’s no wonder people are getting lost and forgetting who they are or how to market their business.

A rather valid point was made during the presentation that companies are selling the story of the founder and a connection to a greater purpose well past the 250m mark in yearly gross sales. In the midst of all the banter and self-doubt, I suggested that this was perhaps a good indication why entrepreneurs need marketers. Marketers retain the best version of the companies founders, the ideals of the companies founding, and its purpose in serving its customer base. They facilitate clear communication of those messages appropriate to the audience and channel.

Upon uttering these words, disdainful heads whipped around and I heard, “Marketers are rarely like that”. I was silent and a little stunned. Later I thought, “Maybe that’s why I’ve had the same customers for over 20 years”.

Innovative > Productive

Pushing Forward With Innovation“Everything that’s created comes out of silence. Your thoughts emerge from the nothingness of silence. Your words come out of this void. Your very essence emerged from emptiness. All creativity requires some stillness.”

~Wayne Dyer

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Adaptive Streaming with AWS


Let’s build a system for scalable adaptive streaming of video and audio. I hope this guide saves you the time that I invested in figuring this out. To help you understand how this works, and so this guide isn’t just a set of steps you blindly follow let’s talk about how adaptive streaming works.

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Drawing George Carlin

I’ve been making time for art this week. Last night I decided to draw Geroge Carlin. My hand was tired by the time it was finished 4 hours later. I definitely think it could have been better if I had used various drawing pencils with a range of darkness. Also, I think in the future I’ll get a white pencil to add highlights to the drawing. All in all, it came out nice and most importantly it made me happy.

Dunning-Kruger Effect

Here is a great video explaining the Dunning-Kruger Effect and how the perception of ability and actual ability differ. It’s also why employers should be wary of people who think they are an expert at something.

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Presentation Tips

  • Your job is to convey emotion during a presentation. Don’t read slides.
  • Slides that people read have five times better retention than slides read to them.
  • Create two decks/presentations.
    • One deck has plenty of text and is the one you send out after the presentation is over.
    • The live presentation has limited text and minimal points per slide.

More reading on the topic: Seth’s Blog: Really Bad Powerpoint


How many times do we go somewhere, and we’re busy thinking about where we have to go next so we forget? We forget to arrive. We forget to check in being fully present where we are. It’s pretty easy to casually check our phone, to bring our stress with us. None of us can dictate the future or change the past. We only have now. So let’s remember that when we show up, to arrive.

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