How many times do we go somewhere, and we’re busy thinking about where we have to go next so we forget? We forget to arrive. We forget to check in being fully present where we are. It’s pretty easy to casually check our phone, to bring our stress with us. None of us can dictate the future or change the past. We only have now. So let’s remember that when we show up, to arrive.

Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

What’s the minimum you can deliver cleanly, transparently, and with integrity? How much do you need to charge to produce a profit and deliver real value? This is your Minimum Viable Product. Once you have it, ship it! You can build on this, package this, integrate this is into a broader strategy … later. Don’t keep yourself from building a customer base. Your customer base will tell you what they really want!

Emptying & Filling

What empties you out and what fills you up? Things that empty us out keep us from our generosity.

When we are operating within our Ikigai, the convergence of our passion, mission, profession, and vocation will feel deceptively simple and immediately actionable. This is where we find flow.

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