You, Your Career & Business

I’ve been thinking a lot about these two quotes. As a speaker for one of the two teams for “5 INDUSTRIES THAT WILL ROCK YOU, YOUR BUSINESS & CAREER BY 2023“, I was asked to repeat for the larger group and expand upon my thoughts. I think they are important, so I’m going to do my best to capture them here.

During the industrial revolution Henry Ford earned accolades for the streamlining of the manufacturing process using an assembly line. In the information revolution, the decentralization of information or creation of openly accessible information silos are creating a streamlining effect similar to the assembly line. An example of the decentralization of information is the open university project. Here you can access classes from universities all over the world. You don’t have to pay the tuition and you don’t have to physically go there, but they are pulling analytics including demographics on who is visiting. An example of the open silo is the promethease project where you can upload your raw genetic information from genetic tests by 23 and me and other providers. Companies are even using facial recognition to gather data from event crowds to quantify levels of engagement and emotion at specific points in the event.

All of this data will eventually be fed into artificial intelligence and this will produce “Just in Time” consumerism fulfillment and business to business fulfillment. Our group identified three major areas that we feel will have strong and immediate impact on us personally, our career, and our businesses.

  • Manufacturing &  Farming
  • Transportation & Distribution
  • Healthcare

The innovations in each of these three areas will fuel new

  • energy technologies and conservation technologies

which ultimately fuel increased investment in

  • scientific breakthroughs.

Someone suggested that we were going to lose our humanity in this process. I disagree. I believe all of this will continue to empower the individual which will have direct impacts in our personal lives, careers, and how we do business. If you listen to Einstein, becoming a person of value through following your intuition is the key to your future success now more than ever.

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